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October 23, 2008

My Current Learning Design Map

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This is an effort to map my own current learning design as I do it in both onsite and online classes, but with an emphasis on the concepts we’ve been learning this week:

Looking at this, I certainly do not allow a great deal of independence, but my system is integrated and answers the needs of assessing 150-200 students per semester (my regular load is 5 classes, which always start out full).

I have provided a conscious 70/30 balance between factual/content-based expressions of learning and thematic/analytical/higher-level expressions of learning. Students who get the factual stuff only get a C; to get higher requires expression of analysis.

I would like to develop a more connectivist, learner-centered design, perhaps for an honors course. My main problem is distributed assessment, so I am paying a lot of attention to the ideas this week.


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  1. Lisa,
    Does this mean you apply this design to every course you teach? For my history and politics courses at 2nd and 3rd year university level, I follow a similar pattern but no multiple choice test. I fact, I no longer test. Whether for a live or online course, I use discussion groups to get students interacting witht he content , commenting, and feddaing off of each other. (Everyone is required to make online posts. Grades generally run 20% for 4 disscussion topics, and then essays the other 80%. 2 of 4 essays have a specific subject (usually options)and the last 2 essays are the students choice. So the fist 2 assingments teach studnets how to reasearch, use various resources, and write and analyzie. The last 2 assingments give them free reign and they get to prove their research and writing technique.

    Now for the information domains for my day job, because each client is different, I end up with differtn elearning designs depending on whether certification is needed etc.

    Comment by Bradley Shoebottom — October 25, 2008 @ 12:05 am

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