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September 9, 2008

Categorizing my work

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I am trying to categorize my thoughts as I’m reading, because they are varied. Some are direct analyses of what I’ve read or heard/seen in a presentation, others are tangential thoughts that are related and I may want to come back to later.

So in addition to temporal categories (Week 1, Week 2, etc) I am adding:
* Summaries: summaries of articles or conversations
* Responses: analyses of assigned reading
* Musings: disparate thoughts occurring as a result of thinking about the class
* Conversations: topics I’ll get involved in on other blogs or at the Moodle forum

I want to make things easier to sort, for myself and anyone coming here. I have also added our syllabus elements to the sidebar, to help me get organized. It makes sense that I should create my own “central” area in a decentralized class, and that it be the place where I have my original work.


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